Growing older still starts earlier than you think

Getting older starts earlier than you think. This simple and somewhat painful truth has been at the core of the retirement planning campaign developed by Publicis Zurich for UBS for about three years. Now the agency has refreshed the idea a bit; with new films and new moments of getting older.


The basic idea remains the same: Since people tend to forget about personal retirement planning or their own advancing age, the campaign gently reminds them that they may not be as young as they think and that it is high time they had a retirement planning consultation with UBS. However, the campaign never points a finger, but rather tells humorous stories in which the protagonists find themselves thinking that they have now grown older.

As the basic idea has aged gracefully, there is no reason for UBS to stop using the tried-and-true concept: "The campaign is maturing into a popular evergreen. It's a wonderful series that, with the new measures, proves that the potential is, fortunately, far from exhausted. We're happy about it, and hopefully the viewers are too," explains Sonja Kingsley-Curry, Head of Creative Concepts & Campaigns at UBS Switzerland.

In addition to the films, Publicis implemented a campaign mix of DOOH and various online and social media measures. For example, ads were only played on Friday and Saturday evenings, catching those who stayed at home and preferred to spend a relaxing evening at home rather than going out.

Responsible at UBS: Dr. Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head of Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Andreas Greil (Project Manager Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Alessandro Monsurrò (Head of Marketing KAM Personal Banking) Larissa Mörgeli (Digital Marketing Specialist), Marcel Aisslinger (Content Marketing Specialist), Thomas Gschwind (Marketing POS and CD Specialist). Responsible at Publicis: Jan Kempter (text), Andrea Klainguti (art direction), Peter Brönnimann (CD), Lena Altorfer (strategy), Matthias Städeli, Meret Lauener, Jacqueline Willimann, Stephanie Galfano (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Prodigious), Thomas Wildberger (CEO). Responsible for production: Bart Timmer (director), CZAR Switzerland (film production), Thorne Mutert (executive producer), Vincent Taeger, Sandy Blum (producer), Jingle Jungle (sound studio).

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