Groupe Mutuel also insures against pirates in new Franz&René spot

The bilingual advertising agency Franz&René from Bern presents another episode of the series with the new commercial Legisdigit@ for Groupe Mutuel. A pirate thematizes insurance protection against digital risks on TV as well as online.


As part of the overall commission for Groupe Mutuel, the agency has conceived and implemented five different commercials since 2016 that are designed to make people smile. Like its predecessors, the new spot shows a life situation in which insurance is urgently needed and which could happen to anyone and everyone.

Responsible at Groupe Mutuel: Serge Grand (Head of Advertising & Sponsoring). Responsible at Franz&René: Valérie Pecalvel (Strategic Direction), Luciano Gerber (Client Service Direction), Cristina Mollard (Senior Campaign Manager), Yoann Cosson (Creative Direction), Gianluca Terzini (Graphic Designer), Sven Jungo (Graphic Designer), Gaëlle Valentini (Digital Art Director). Film production: Pumpkin Film; Christopher Novak; director: Frieder Wittich.

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