tbd. and Dreipol go full throttle with the "EcoDrive Rally

A performance campaign ensures that the car driving quiz is on the fast track with over 1000 prizes.


EcoDrive is the name of the brisk driving style that allows you to use less fuel, save a nice chunk of money, and also reduce CO2 emissions. The beauty of it is that it doesn't take much to implement the twelve clever tips for lower consumption. With the "EcoDrive Rally", the Quality Alliance Eco-Drive and Energie Schweiz have now launched an online driving quiz with over 1000 prizes and are thus breaking new ground in terms of communication.

Packed with 100 quiz questions about cars, engines, roads, racing history and traffic, the "EcoDrive Rally" brings its messages to motorists in a playful way. With each correct answer, participants collect points for changing weekly prizes and the grand main prize. They also have the chance to win an instant prize each time.

For traffic on the Website is ensured by a performance campaign for which several image pools and different headline pools have been developed. Depending on the target group, interests, online behavior and locations, images and headlines are then combined and played out in an agile manner.

EcoDrive Rally" was conceived, developed and implemented in co-creation by Dreipol and tbd., who already successfully collaborated on the mobile game EcoDriver with over 1 million downloads.


Responsible on the customer side: Reiner Langendorf, Regula Zehnder, Cornelia Tignonsini (Quality Alliance Eco-Drive), Christoph Schreyer, Hermann Scherrer (SwissEnergy). Responsible for conception, design, implementation: tbd. & tripol. Media: JBW

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