JvM/play and WerbeWeischer bring Right to Play to the cinema

"What if...?" asks a boy's voice, imagining many different places where children normally are, how they might seem if no child could go there anymore. This thought is captured and staged in a striking cinema spot by Right to Play.


Right to Play is a global organization that advocates and promotes children's educational development through play-based methods. With the promotional film, Right to Play wants to draw attention to the fact that playing and learning is not a matter of course everywhere in the world, and yet that the general public can benefit if children everywhere could learn through play and thus help shape their future.

The moving image & content production Jung von Matt/play developed and produced the 35-second cinema spot and was responsible for the concept, the text, as well as the shooting and editing. With the partnership and generous support of cinema marketer WerbeWeischer, the film will be shown in cinemas in Switzerland from August. In addition, the commercial will also be shown on various online channels in several language versions.

Responsible at Right to Play: Virginie Emery (National Director), Jacqueline Fäs (Communications Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Michael Kindermann (Concept, Text, Director, Executive Producer, Camera, MD), Valdita Shabanaj (Junior Producer), Sandeep Abraham (Camera), Matthias Fasnacht (Edit, Creative Adviser, MD). Responsible at WerbeWeischer: Christof Kaufmann (CEO), Florian Eberle (Senior Manager Back Office). External partners: On Line Video 46 (grading), Jingle Jungle (voice recording and mixing).

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