Always keep moving to prevent falls in old age

Formeldrei is reactivating the wobbly figure for the "stand safely - walk safely" campaign to raise awareness of fall prevention. The message: with targeted training, senior citizens should maintain their independence into old age.


87,000 Swiss senior citizens fall and injure themselves every year. This has health, social and economic consequences. The BFU - Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Pro Senectute Switzerland, Health Promotion Switzerland and other specialist partners are therefore stepping up their fall prevention activities and launching a national campaign.

Stand safely - walk safely: The wobbly figure shows in a clever way that it is easier to go through life with a stable, powerful stance and good balance. This appeals to the target group on an emotional level: Because even if the wooden toy is no longer at the top of the wish list today, it spontaneously reminds (young) senior citizens of the good old days.

For the national campaign, Formeldrei realized the campaign logo, the TV commercial and the adaptation of all visuals for online and offline communication.


Responsible at BFU - Swiss Council for Accident Prevention: Hansjürg Thüler, Head of Sport; Peter Matthys, Head of Campaigns; Barbara Pfenninger, expert in fall prevention: Franziska Leemann, Marketing Manager. Responsible at Pro Senectute Switzerland: Peter Burri Follath, Head of Marketing and Communication; Corinne Bättig, Head of Marketing Services. Responsible at Health Promotion Switzerland: Philippe Haeberli, Head of Communication, Jean-Pierre Lugon (Responsable de projets, Programmes d'action cantonaux). Responsible at Formeldrei: Moritz Adler (creation and concept); Marco Mesot (consulting and concept); Lukas Bürki (art director); Matthias Guggisberg (graphics). Film production/3D animation: Guava Studio.

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