You are my SBB

The new umbrella communication emphasizes the emotional relationship customers have with SBB. For them, there is not THE, but simply their own SBB. Wirz is responsible for the appearance.


SBB operates the world's densest rail network in Switzerland. It transports around 1.3 million passengers every day. Its punctuality is something to be proud of. These are all things that are constantly recorded in precise statistics. But at the end of the day, they are not what individual customers associate with Swiss Federal Railways.

Everyone has their own liaison with SBB that has grown over the years: the trips to see their sweetheart or loved one, excursions into nature at the weekends, the brief relaxation phase on the daily commute to work. The new umbrella communication developed by Wirz is aimed at precisely such personal relationships. It pays tribute to the many SBBs that exist for all of us.

These small and large relationship stories are depicted on all communicative levels. On billboards, in advertisements and banners, you can get to know different roles and facets, and on and on social media channels, you can get to know people from all parts of the country who talk about their close relationship with SBB. Stories that make you want to take part in the SBB experience yourself.

The campaign kicks off with the story of Emma, a little shunting locomotive captured by the Zurich production company Stories, who finally wants to experience more than just pushing wagons from left to right in the station. To the great excitement of the SBB operations center and the whole of Switzerland, she then gives in to this urge and escapes. On her journey, she experiences how closely Switzerland and its inhabitants are connected to their SBB.

Responsible at SBB: Myriam Siksou (Head of Group Marketing), Marco Serratore (Team Leader Consulting Marketing Communication), Philippe Hasler (Responsible Film/Photo Rides), Michelle Rothen (Head of Strategic Marketing & Sustainability), Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communication), Gerry Flückiger (Head of Corporate Identity & Design), Sarah Stämpfli-Mischler (Head of Content/Publishing), Sarah Stiefel (Head of Digital Communication), Franziska Pasqua and Patrick Römer (Media), Urs Plattner (Production). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Petra Dreyfus, Samuel Christ, Fernando Perez, Caspar Heuss, Niels Schäfer, Naomi Gulla, Bettina Fässler, Gordon Nemitz, Martin Frank, Simone Jehle, Isabelle Jubin, Fabiana Imhof, Lena Kast, Adrian Huwyler, Adrian Schräder, Antonia Frind, Michèle Roten. Responsible for Stories: Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Meret Früh (Producer), Michael Fueter (Director), Tobias Dengler (Camera), Sören Görth (Editing), Urs Beuter, Verena Haerdi (Art Department/Styling), Manu Gerber (Sound Design and Sound Mixing), Billy Bains, Tanja Etzensperger (Postproduction). Music: Spacetrain Music Production Dave Macloed & Dean Montenegro. Photography: All-In-Production, Dhondup Tersey (production photo), Diana Pfammatter (photographer), Alexandra Kruse (styling), Lorenz Wahl und Form (image editing), Lukas Mäder (images webcontent).

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