New sticker collection campaign from Coop: Valencia courts organic farmers

With an educational sticker collection campaign, Coop shows children what life is like on an organic farm. Valencia was asked to help with the communication of the promotion, including various moving image versions.


The latest Coop sticker collection campaign is all about life on an organic farm. The children fill a high-quality album with their collectible pictures and accompany the farming couple Laura and Martin on their farm through the four seasons. In the process, they learn exciting and instructive facts about Swiss organic farming. Valencia Kommunikation was commissioned to develop a comprehensive, communicative package of measures for the promotion: from key visuals to various print and POS advertising media such as advertisements, F4/F12 posters or displays, to extensive moving image measures.

A lot of content for TV and web

In collaboration with the production company Boutiq, Valencia developed various moving image measures: a TV spot as a basis, as well as various cutdowns and variants for use on eBoards and as a web banner. The spot is a sophisticated mix of real film and animation and shows two children who dive into a colourful agricultural world through the album.

As special content for the Coop Facebook page "Hello Family", two short spots were shot in collaboration with the production company WirzFraefelPaal, which show children realising their idea of country life in a particularly idiosyncratic way. These films appeal particularly to the target group of "young families". To increase traffic on the promotional website, Valencia also created animated link and carousel ads that are played out via the Coop Facebook channel.

The promotion runs from 17 August to 29 September 2018 in Coop retail stores, as well as Coop City, Coop Bau & Hobby, Coop@home and Coop Restaurant. For every 20 francs purchased at Coop, customers will receive a pack containing 4 of a total of 140 collectible pictures. The collector's album is available for 2.95 francs.

Responsible at Coop: Sacha Zuberbühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Vanessa Finzer (Head of Advertising), Simon Bohnenblust (Head of Advertising Sales Promotion / Promotions), Evelyn Howell (Project Manager Advertising), Noemi Urwyler (Market Development), Joachim von Allmen (POS Retail), Simon Flatt (Head of Media), Karin Heliopoulus (Head of Media Classic), Holger von Ellerts (Senior Project Manager Digital Media), Rahel Kühne (Head of Social Media & Online Campaigning), Corina Schuler (Social Media & Content Manager), Anja Matt (Digital Marketing), Linda Anklin (Digital Marketing). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Creative Director), Iraklis Hungerberg (Senior Account Director), Meret Renggli (Communications Planner), Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter), Nadine Gschwend (Art Director), Michael Wenk (Art Director), Marc Groth (Motion Designer). Responsible at Boutiq: Mike Huber (Director), Chantal Gugger (Producer). Responsible at Wirzfraefelpaal Productions: Adrian Wisard (Director) Stefan Fraefel (Executive Producer), Nina Wirth (Producer), Rahel Schneebeli (Production Assistant).

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