The high song for SMEs

The two agencies Erdmannpeisker and OgilvyOne have created a new campaign for Basler Versicherungen.


Basler Versicherungen offers insurance and banking products for private and corporate customers. For corporate customers, it is the only insurance company to offer an SME premium calculator that provides a quick overview of all relevant insurance policies for SMEs. All communication measures of Baloise Insurance have two goals: Creating awareness so that Basler Versicherungen is in the Relevent Set, because likeability is the most important criterion when it comes to choosing an insurance company, and generating leads.

An online campaign was developed for the area of corporate clients, with the aim of generating new leads from existing SMEs and start-ups. A quickly edited online spot was implemented for use in various online media.

Responsible at Baloise: Marc Hallauer (Head of Marketing Switzerland), Yves Thiriet (Advertising Manager, Marketing Switzerland), Rafael Bucher (Project Manager Marketing Switzerland), Michael Besel (Head of Digital Marketing), Tamara Neskovic (Digital Marketing). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Sybille Erdmann (consulting), Patrick Fawer (AD), Torsten Maas (text). Responsible at OgilvyOne: Stephanie Lang (CD), Daniel Geiger (Head of Digital), Simon Bietenhader (Consulting), Malin Rex (Text). Responsible at Markenfilm Switzerland: Uli Scheper (Production).

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