Raiffeisen, Festland and Konnex feature successful women as testimonials for investment campaign

Raiffeisen realizes the content marketing campaign "InvestLike" with Festland and Konnex, for which four successful women explain why investing is important to them.


When it comes to investing, actions are shaped by individual values. The new Raiffeisen campaign "InvestLike" spans the arc from these values to the fundamentals of sustainably successful investing. Four strong women are at the center of the campaign: Triathlete Nicola Spirig, eco-lifestyle blogger Anina Mutter, PR agency owner Julia Faulhaber and banker Tanja Rädler. They provide exciting insights into their lives, their motives and their approach to the topic of sustainability.

To accompany the online campaign, which will be reinforced with posters in Swiss cities, Raiffeisen is simultaneously launching the landing page, Raiffeisen.ch/investlike, with inspiration and content designed to appeal to men as well.

Making-of the Raiffeisen campaign

With the "InvestLike" campaign, Raiffeisen is launching a comprehensive, national content marketing campaign on the topic of investing and sustainability - by women for women. The campaign's internal core project team is made up of women, and Swiss Photographer of the Year Lauretta Suter was hired for the implementation. Jelena Gernert is responsible for the film content. Video contributions, posters, and stories about the ambassadors and the topics of investing and sustainability were produced around the campaign.


Responsible at Raiffeisen: Anja Lapcevic (Project and Campaign Manager), Julia Moll (Intern), Resi Bick-Fuchs (Sales Manager), Tanja Rädler (Product Manager and Ambassador), Stefanie Veeser-Karahasanovic (Analytics). Responsible at Mainland: Fabienne Grawehr (project manager), Ria Spirjak (online conception). Responsible at Konnex: Deborah Marzo (Media). Partners: Lauretta Suter (photographer), Jelena Gernet (film production), Victoria Steiner (styling), Nicola Fischer (hair & make-up).

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