Jung von Matt/Limmat invites to the Graubünden Golf Cure

A new study proves that golfing makes you healthy - and golfing in Graubünden even healthier. That's why the Graubünden Golf Association with Graubünden Ferien and Jung von Matt/Limmat are launching the Graubünden Golf Cure.


Dr. med. Beat Villiger, long-time president of the Swiss Sports Medicine Association, sets out in his study "Golfing is healthy. Golfing in Graubünden is even healthier" the positive influence of golf on health. A recognized Swedish study with more than 300,000 golf test subjects showed a five-year longer life span for golfers compared to non-golfers. Villiger also emphasizes the numerous health benefits of Graubünden. These include the air that is low in allergens and pollutants: Graubünden is the only area in Switzerland that can demonstrate a positive health effect in healthy people and a healing effect in sick people with asthma, pollen diseases and skin conditions. Furthermore, the reduced air pressure of the medium altitude and the hilly golf courses enhance the health-promoting training effect for the same amount of time compared to locations in the lowlands.


Golf preparation against stress and underland overdose

To underline the positive health effect of golfing in Graubünden, Graubünden vacations therefore calls for the booking of a golf cure. As an accompanying measure, the use of the Graubünden Golf product is recommended. This is a 6-pack of golf balls with the logo of Graubünden Golf, which is based on a medicine pack. The golf medicine was created especially for the campaign and is available in Graubünden Golf clubs and online in the Graubünden Fanshop for 29 Swiss francs. As befits a real medicine, a package insert warns against overdose (sore muscles) or side effects (frequent use of the term "Huara guat"), among other things.

Three short films with the likeable characters Gian and Giachen round off the campaign. The two ibexes comment in their usual cheeky manner on the idiosyncrasies of three golfers on the Brigels golf course in Graubünden. In all three films, the health benefits of golf are highlighted: Deeply relaxing raking the bunker, back exercises while looking for the golf ball in the rough or relaxing the eyes due to the wonderful and unique mountain panorama of Graubünden.

Responsible at the Bündner Golfverband: Pius Achermann (President), Leonie Liesch (Director Chur Tourism), Nicole Hemmi (Project Manager Marketing Arosa Tourism), Katherina Desch (Head of Secretariats, Sales & Marketing Golfclub Engadin), Eva Stöcklin (Manager Golfclub Davos). Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Clemens Bartlome (Head of Product & Experience Marketing), Marc Held (Project Manager Enavant Grischun), Roland Signer (Corporate Communication), Thalia Wünsche (Experience PR) Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat Adrian Merz, Alain Eicher (Creative Direction), Lukas Amgwerd, Maren Beck (Text), Lukas Frischknecht, Lukas Wietlisbach (Art Direction), Michel Nellen (Consulting & Media Relations), Marie Vuilleumier (Consulting), Amina Elmallawany, Fabrizio Rutishauser (DTP/Picture Editing), Pepe Kägi (Production), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). External partners: Rocket Film (film production), Sébastien Kühne (director), Claudio Zuccolini, Sergio Greco (voice actors Gian & Giachen), Jingle Jungle (sound).

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