Made and Zweifel cause a stir with "Chips Heaven" at open airs

The festival summer has begun and with it Zweifel's new appearance at various music festivals. With Made Marketing and a new concept, Switzerland's most trusted brand wants to increase brand experience and presence.


Chips Heaven is the place every festival-goer wants to go. The way there is a six-meter long smooth ramp with a 19-degree incline. Anyone watching quickly notices: the heavenly course has it all. The smooth surface demands concentration and skill. There are only two minutes left to reach the sky and thus the buzzer. The slippery surface entertains spectators and participants alike.

Zweifel developed the concept for "Chips Heaven" together with the Made Marketing agency. In intensive creative workshops, brainstorming sessions and the obligatory visit to the Zweifel factory in Spreitenbach, the team approached the Zweifel festival appearance for the next three years step by step. "We are happy with the Chips Heaven. Our specifications - challenge, fun and visibility - were met in full," says Adrian Müller, Head of Live Marketing and Sponsoring at Zweifel. The implementation phase was particularly exciting and intensive, says Jann Falett, Live Marketing and Sponsoring Manager at Zweifel, who was one of the first to venture up the ramp.


The project risks were tested by Made Marketing with prototypes for feasibility (angle of inclination, substructure, insulating materials, surfaces, LED tower, effect control). The participants do not notice that a lot of technology and know-how is behind it. "That's the way it's supposed to be. The focus is on having fun," says Müller.

Zweifel's festival concept includes three touchpoints. At the entrance, festival visitors are given a sample packet. Anyone who brings the empty packet to the Zweifel stand can take part in the Scan&Win game, win goodies from Zweifel and make their contribution to combating littering. Chips Heaven" will be stopping off this summer at the Openair Lumnezia (19 to 21 July), Heiteren Open Air (10 to 12 August) and Open Air Gampel (16 to 19 August).

Responsible in case of doubt: Adrian Müller (Live Marketing and Sponsorship Manager), Jann Falett (Live Marketing and Sponsorship Manager). Responsible at Made: Beda Binder, Cristian Conde, Curdin Decasper, Rachel Manetsch, Jeremy Donath (brainstorming, concept, technology, programming, story, planning, implementation). Responsible at Jim&Jim: Robin Steiner, Tim Kesseli (promotion).

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