Ammarkt and Swica show how customer satisfaction is created

Ammarkt has created a documentary advertising campaign for Swica.


For many years, Swica has come out on top in the customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Comparis, K-Tipp and ampuls. This is no coincidence. After all, all efforts at the health organisation are aimed at providing the best services because, as the claim says, health is everything. So there is a lot of good news to tell. Together with the St. Gallen agency Ammarkt, those responsible at Swica decided to give the customers the floor. After all, they are responsible for Swica being number 1 in customer satisfaction.

The campaign was planned like a documentary film. Customers were able to submit their stories for the campaign via a platform on the Swica website. Well over 60 stories were submitted. 12 were selected. "We were delighted by the high number of responses. We were almost overwhelmed by the emotional depth of the experiences described," says Swica marketing manager Michael Schneider, describing the selection process. Care was taken to ensure that there was someone from all parts of the country and that the stories covered as wide a range as possible.

Four days of shooting without a script

The films were shot over four days in Gockhausen in an intimate and familiar atmosphere. The 12 protagonists told their story in their own words. Nothing was written down. Calmly and sensitively, cameraman Fabian Kimoto, supported by coach Zoe Torinesi, let the testimonials develop their story in front of the camera. "It was extremely important to us not to falsify the experiences" Michael Schneider explains the approach, "It was a somewhat daring procedure. Fortunately, one that worked very well"

One campaign - on all channels.

Short versions of the commercials, online advertising media and adapted posters lead to Swica landing pages where potentially interested parties can view the full story of the respective testimonial and initiate the switch to Swica.

The campaign started online at the end of May with four testimonials. The remaining eight testimonials will be made visible to the target group in mid-July. For the first time, Swica is also present with a spot in this year's large open-air cinemas. The campaign will culminate in TV spots in the autumn, which will be broadcast throughout Switzerland, as well as posters with the customers' key messages.

Responsible at Swica: Walter Lutz (CEO), Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing), Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services), Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing). Responsible at Ammarkt: Thomas Engeli (ECD), Jan Walser (AD), Avsar Yildiz (Text), Wanda Fründer (DTP), Moritz Capelle (Group Account Director), Melanie Grass (Consulting), Mara Zehnder (Consulting), Nick Schoberth (MD); Lina Baumann GmbH (Production), Anna Anghelescu (Production Manager), Fabian Kimoto (DOP), Stefan Grah (Post Production) Bruno Augsburger (Photography), Zoe Torinesi (Coaching).

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