Content and form launches premium coffee capsules

Inhalt und Form launches the new premium capsules for the Zurich-based coffee roaster Black & Blaze.


The small, exclusive coffee roaster Black & Blaze is known for its high-quality blends. With lots of crema and little fruit acid, the bean blends are especially popular with coffee connoisseurs. Now the popular premium blend is also available in chic capsules.

Inhalt und Form is implementing a provocative launch campaign for this. With a wink, the three print subjects show that the arrogance of the people of Zurich is not entirely unfounded. After all, the best coffee capsules come from Zurich. The campaign thus focuses on the roastery's Zurich location and fully embraces the trend for locally produced food. A video was also produced to promote the capsule launch online and in cinemas.


Responsible at Black & Blaze Coffee Roasting: Claude Stahel. Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO); Karin Estermann (Creative Director); David Hugentobler (CD Text) Alice Britschgi, Danusha Kuchtova (Concept, Text); Gianin Walter (Concept, Graphics); Lisa Stämpfli (Image Editing). Responsible Photos & Video: Photos: Oliver Nanzig; Director: Oliver Nanzig; DOP Hunter Film: Roman Peritz; Postproduction: Hunter Film, Milos May; Sound: Jingle Jungle, Gregor Rosenberger; Voice: Michael Morris.

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