Agency at the airport returns mailings for Localsearch

Localsearch offers Swiss companies various platforms and services to be found analog and digital and to win customers. The agency at the airport was commissioned to create a campaign to bring back customers who had jumped ship to the Swiss directory platform with the widest reach.


For this purpose, the agency from Altenrhein designed a mailing of a special kind: namely, the mailing was designed as a "postal return of undeliverable items". In other words, the recipient became the supposed sender of a letter he had never sent. Sounds a bit complicated, but it is not. Everyone is familiar with the official postal return label, which is why it attracts such a high level of attention and letter opening rates. In any case, the "return mailing" made the former Localsearch customers aware that potential new customers would now not find them either. In the mailing, the ex-customers received a personal code to book the local business card, with which they can be found again from now on for a measly CHF per day.


Responsible at Localsearch - Swisscom Directories: Marcel Jäggi (Senior Marketing Manager). Responsible at agency at the airport: René Eugstair (Creative Direction), Dominique Rutishauser (Art Direction), Jonathan Schelker (Graphics), Miriam Egli (Consulting/Text), Julia Lüchinger (Coordination).

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