The right way to get a ticket

Erdmannpeisker has implemented a new appearance for CTM Alder / In addition to corporate design and imagery, the communicative measures also include TV spots.


CTM Alder is the largest provider of learning materials for the theory test for the driver's license in Switzerland. In order to maintain or expand its existing market position, CTM Adler wants to develop beyond the role of a pure theory provider and address the topic of "driver's license acquisition" holistically. And this with an online platform that brings together learner drivers and driving instructors as well as other providers (of products or services).

Erdmannpeisker was commissioned to develop a fresh appearance for this new platform that is in line with the times and the target group and that clearly stands out from the competition.

In addition to consulting on strategic positioning, co-development on the Platform-architecture, the agency developed the corporate design and the campaign communication around the claim "Simply everything for your ticket".


For this purpose, two online spots and 12 key visuals were implemented that show in a humorous way that makes learning to drive really easy and does not represent an additional burden for the young target group.

Responsible at CTM Adler: Markus Lerch (CEO), Carmen Köll (CMO), Markus Welter (CTO), Olcay Oruc (CD), Bettina Schneebeli (PM). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Patrick Fawer (Art Director), Thomas Zulauf and Rainer Neusius (Consulting). Film Production: Markenfilm Switzerland. Photographer: Neumann Rodtmann.

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