Thanks to Ruf Lanz, the NZZ appears with the original front page of June 7, 1917

To mark the 101st birthday of Swiss Life's longest-standing client, the NZZ is publishing the original front page from June 7, 1917. Ruf Lanz is responsible for the campaign.


Anyone who took the NZZ out of the mailbox or off the newsstand pile on Thursday morning might have been astonished: The front page of the entire edition dates back to June 7, 1917. With this unusual campaign, Swiss Life is congratulating its customer Hans Knecht on his 101st birthday. After all, Hans Knecht is the owner of the oldest current Swiss Life policy. He became a Swiss Life customer 100 years ago. It was his grandfather who wanted to make provisions for his one-year-old grandson Hans in 1918. He took out a contract with what was then Swiss Life for a so-called deferred annuity over 40 years. Thanks to this far-sighted pension planning, Hans Knecht has been receiving 1,000 francs every year since he was 40. The spry jubilarian still lives self-determined in his own home.


Swiss Life is proud to have supported its customers in leading a self-determined life over a long period of time. In the case of Hans Knecht, already for a whole century. The eye-catching congratulations were conceived and realized by Ruf Lanz, Swiss Life's new lead agency.

Interesting detail in the margin: In 1917, there were still three NZZ editions per day. The client and the agency opted for the first Morgenblatt.


Responsible at Swiss Life: Group Communications & Strategic Marketing. Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Isabelle Hauser (Art Direction), Markus Ruf (Text), Armin Arnold (DTP), Ursula Jaag (Consulting), Selina Zaugg (Consulting Junior). Media: ZipMedia, Caroline Nünlist.

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