Aare You Safe?

Swimming in the Aare is beautiful, but not without danger. The city of Bern is once again drawing attention to this fact and is continuing the "Aare You Safe?" awareness campaign this summer - including a cell phone game.


The city of Bern promotes the safe "Aareschwumm" with a mobile game. The retro-style game is offered free of charge for Android and iPhone. A swimmer on the Aare has to avoid various obstacles in the water and can recharge his batteries thanks to bonus points. When the energy is used up, he swims to the safe shore with his last reserves of strength - "Game over!"

The aim is to achieve the highest possible score and at the same time learn about the risks involved in swimming and rubber boating, according to the city of Bern. This is because serious accidents occur time and again because swimmers are not aware of the dangers or overestimate their abilities. The exit from the Aare in particular becomes a problem for many because they do not swim to the exit points in time.

New: A valuables bag

The "Aare You Safe?" campaign was launched by the city of Bern back in 2013 and became known for the swimming bags, among other things, which have already achieved almost cult status.


This year, for the first time, there is now a valuables bag for the campaign. According to the city of Bern, the "Aare-Bütu" is ideal for cell phones, wallets, keys and jewelry. With the bag, swimmers can safely carry their valuables and do not have to leave them behind at the mooring. It is important that the bag is not fixed to the body, otherwise there is a risk of it getting caught. The "Aare-Bütu" will be available in the municipal pools from June. (SDA/ank)

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