Pro Infirmis and Thjnk Zurich highlight commonalities

After a two-year break, the largest professional organization for people with disabilities in Switzerland launches a new and bold awareness campaign with the claim "Everyone is equal. No one is more equal." In doing so, Pro Infirmis deliberately breaks with clichés.


On the one hand, they aim for the laughing muscle instead of the tear gland. On the other hand, people with disabilities are shown as a natural part of society. An inclusive society recognizes the diversity of people as a strength. This is what Pro Infirmis stands up for. "With our campaign film, we use comical everyday situations to highlight commonalities in order to stimulate further thinking," says Susanne Stahel, communications manager at Pro Infirmis. Because behind these commonalities, in the everyday lives of people with disabilities, there can be circumstances that make you stop laughing: People with disabilities, for example, are more likely than average to be affected by poverty or to find a job half as often. There is a very limited housing market for people with a physical disability; most cultural offerings are not tailored to the needs of people with disabilities.

Positive mood in film and music

The 100-second film is used online and later in theaters. It was realized by director Jon Barber, who is known for his humorous commercials. Within three days vignettes were shot with 13 protagonists. In the film, people with various disabilities are shown struggling with small annoyances. Scenes in which everyone, without exception, can recognize themselves. In between, a hearty S***! is not to be missed. The song "Jump down, spin around" was written by Harry Belafonte and is a little trouvaille from 1957. 91-year-old Belafonte lives in New York Harlem. He provided the song especially for this project. A social media, poster and ad campaign is being launched to accompany the project, also featuring protagonists from the film.

Pro Infirmis Sujet Denise
Pro Infirmis Sujet Vinzenz
Pro Infirmis Sujet Evamaria

Responsible at Pro Infirmis: Felicitas Huggenberger (Director), Susanne Stahel ( Head of Communications and Fundraising, Member of the Executive Board ), Christina Tschopp (Digital Marketing Communications Officer), Bettina Konetschnig (Communications Consultant). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Pablo Schencke (Creative Direction), Cornelia Hess (Art Direction), Isabelle Akermann (Strategic Planning), Angela Cristofari (Project Management), Nathalie Eggen/Kids (PR/Campaigning) , Susanne Nagel, Manja Mutzenbecher (Art Buying), Hilko Wiegmann, Manuel Caliebe, Kim Eisenberg, Bianca Jäger (DTP). Responsible for Stories: Jon Barber (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Stefanie Bereiter (Line Producer), Beni Fueter (Editor), Billy Bains (Postproduction Producer), Luca Brügger (Audio Engineer), Massive Music (Music Agency). Responsible for photography: Julia Baier (Photo), Lina Baumann, Lesley Ryffel (Producer), Ben Wend (Postproduction). Responsible at Konnex: Peter Döbeli, Monica Jäggi (co-owner), Esther Widmer, Kathalin Suppanz, Marco Berto, Cécile Bulant (media planning).

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