Betty Bossi and Rod answer the most frequently asked question

In the current image campaign developed by Rod, Betty Bossi answers the question that occupies us all several times a day: "What's on offer today?"


Since 1956, the Betty Bossi newspaper has regularly provided Switzerland with recipes that are sure to succeed. For the first time in its history, a campaign with a TV and online spot, several print motifs and numerous online measures is promoting the magazine. In the spot, we follow a young family through their everyday life. After an exhausting day at work and looking after the children, they often lack inspiration for dinner. But rescue is at hand. The Betty Bossi newspaper delivers simple and more sophisticated menu suggestions conveniently to the home ten times a year. In this way, the brand wants to encourage the Swiss to cook more themselves again, even in their hectic everyday lives.

In the print motifs, this message was presented in different illustration styles. This is intended to reach the widest possible readership.


Responsible at Betty Bossi: Isabelle Zehnder (Head of Marketing), Julia Dimmler (Head of CRM), Anja Steinmann (Marketing Specialist). Responsible on the agency side: Rod Communication (conception, creation and realisation). Responsible at Shining Pictures: Sophie Toth (Producer), Alessandra Dolci (Junior Producer), Jyri Pasanen (Director). Media: The Whole Media, Stephan Küng (Owner), Simon Heiniger (Head of TV). Illustration: Jeremy Küng, Medy (Shop Around/NL).

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