Notch Interactive with new mortgage campaign for BLKB

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank is putting customers at the centre of its new mortgage campaign. On posters, banners, in mailings and videos, they provide information about their experiences in connection with taking out their own mortgage with BLKB. The special feature: Interested new customers can contact the testimonials directly and ask them questions about mortgages.


When you're about to make a big investment like buying a house, it's best to ask friends and acquaintances who are familiar with the subject. Unfortunately, many people do not have anyone in their circle of acquaintances who has already taken out a mortgage. This is where the campaign comes in and lets BLKB customers speak as advisors. Entirely in the sense of customers for customers.

The first step was to find mortgage clients who were willing to share their experiences with new prospects. Those selected include an elderly couple who have converted a former police station, a family who have fulfilled their dream of a converted farmhouse and a self-employed lifestyle consultant who is also on her own two feet when it comes to housing.

The testimonials are used in various media - and tell their own personal stories about their mortgage.

Responsible at Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank: Monika Dunant (overall responsibility), Urs Uehlinger, Jutta Langlotz (market communication). Responsible at Notch Interactive: Sören Schröder (Creative Direction), Nina Martens (Art Direction), Kelsang Gope (Copywriting), Mark Becher, Amanda Possa (Account Management); Matthias Müller (Strategy). Photography: Jonathan Heyer. Video: Evelyn Stirrup.

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