Kind regards and Coca-Cola Switzerland are looking for new jobs for Luca Hänni and Co.

On the WOAH app, teenagers and twentysomethings can find everything their young hearts desire. The Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse lets influencers try out a new job in the six-part series "My New Job" produced for WOAH.


Pop star Luca Hänni, Scooter pro Benj Friant and YouTube star Flavio Stucki were in front of the camera for the series "My New Job. In the videos, which can be seen exclusively on WOAH, the influencers are accompanied on their first day of work at various Coca-Cola partners. Whether it's Benj Friant delivering pizza for Domino's Pizza, Luca Hänni serving popcorn at the Pathé cinema or Flavio Stucki putting away newspapers at the kiosk - "My New Job" creates proximity to national influencers and authentic influencer content.

WOAH presents a wide selection of local and international articles and videos on lifestyle, travel, food, music and entertainment topics as well as discounts with regional partners, competitions and giveaways. Freundliche Grüsse developed the concept for the local content, which focuses on videos produced exclusively for WOAH by Swiss influencers.

Responsible at Coca-Cola Switzerland: Maike Widmer (WOAH Project Manager). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (Creative Direction), Janine Y. Sonderegger (Concept), Nadine Mojado (Art Director), Maude Mahrer (Graphics), Christian Haueter (Consulting). Production: Pixel Love - Zoran Stojanovic (Director), Tom Brunner (Camera/Editing).

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