The TCS helps Switzerland

Whether you're traveling by train, on vacation or unexpectedly have to push your e-bike: When you need help, TCS is always there. The new campaign by Jung von Matt/Limmat reminds us of this.


The Touring Club Switzerland offers much more than just roadside assistance; it is a comprehensive mobility club for everyone. In 2018, the evolution continues with new services. The TCS also helps members when the last train is cancelled or the weather makes it impossible to get home or tricky legal issues arise.

The integrated campaign again comes from Jung von Matt/Limmat. The agency has been responsible for the communication of the repositioning for two years and has conceived the consistent and surprising further development.

With the new bracket "TCS also helps with ...", the existing and new services are told quickly and entertainingly. For example, the TV spots show a stranded family at the train station that gets home thanks to TCS. The posters use pictograms like Spanish ambulances to quickly explain: TCS also helps in the event of an accident abroad.

The message "Helping is our mission" is thus always placed in various channels, including TV spots, online films, OOH measures, advertisements, radio spots, bumper ads, and classic digital ads, in a relevant and target-group-specific manner. And so now everyone really does know that TCS is always there when someone needs help.

Responsible at TCS: Dierk Schehrer (Head of Marketing Club), Chiara De Simone, Patricia Gyger (Marketing Project Manager), Carolin Jünger (Team Leader Marketing Performance), Daniel Darioli (Team Leader eCommerce). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Rob Hartmann (Creative Direction) Ennio Cadau, Wolfgang Bark (Text) Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Merlin Obrero, Emmanuel Denier (Graphic and Screen Design), Daniela Chiani (Strategy), Vanessa Zwinselman, Meret Horn (Consulting), Pepe Kägi, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Bettina Beyeler (DTP), Stefan Naef (Executive Planning Director), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer); Jung von Matt/Impact (Media). External partners: Johannes Schroeder (Director), Thorne Mutert (MD CZAR), Birke Birkner (Producer), Linus Schneider, Florian Baumann, Roman Kälin, Gianluca Ravioli, Deny Fousek (CG Production), Brauereisound (Radiospot Production), Mediatonic (Media).

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