Helsana+ and Jung von Matt/Limmat: Fulfilling personal wishes with plus points

In the fall of 2017, Helsana launched its own bonus program with the Helsana+ app and launched an orchestrated campaign for it with Jung von Matt/Limmat. The focus was on Benni, the main protagonist, who was eager to collect bonus points. Now the campaign is going into the second round: again with Benni, even more fun and a complementary message.


While the first Helsana+ campaign showed in an entertaining way how easy it is to collect plus points for life, the focus now is on the many benefits that come from actively using Helsana+. This time Benni presents to Switzerland how easily he converts his collected plus points into cash and thus fulfills his wishes. True to the idea of Helsana+: Collect plus points for health-promoting behavior and loyalty to Helsana and be rewarded for it.

Benni's individual wishes reflect a large part of the most popular activities of Mr. and Mrs. Swiss from young to old. This is because the campaign designed by Jung von Matt/Limmat is segment-specific and is played out digitally programmatically to the various target groups.

The fact that Switzerland not only collects plus points, but can also use them to its advantage, is played out with broad appeal, especially on TV. Following on from the two Plus Points collection spots from last year, Benni shows in humorous follow-up spots how easy it is for him to fulfill his wishes with the redeemed Plus Points.

Once again conceived as a 360-degree campaign, Switzerland simply encounters Benni everywhere from 30.04.2018. Whether in a wide variety of social media campaigns, at the point of sale, a wide variety of BTL measures or internal campaigns - there's no getting around him.

The campaign will be crowned in July by a surprising ambient action that will tour several Swiss cities for a week.

Microsite: Helsana.ch/microsite/plus

Responsible at Helsana: Sabrina Molinari (Campaign Management), Tobias Adler, Roger Sommerhalder (Strategy & Concept), Roger Rübsam, Claudia Kurt, Jan Hagen Fahl, Christine Gross (Digital & Dialog), Claudia Zampoli, Franziska Lange, Elisabetta Garcia Rocha, Lukas Gschwind (Marketing Relations), Lara Brunner, Katja Birrer (Content & Design), Livio Raccuia, Franziska Rutishauser (Customer Insights). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Wolfgang Bark (Creative Director), Linda Solanki, Ennio Cadau (Text) Cansu Sezer, Manuela Tappe, David Hanselmann, Christina Wellnhofer (Art Direction), David Johansson, Merlin Obrero (Graphics), Paolo Marioni (Strategy), Adrian Haut (Media Relations), Annika Hofmeester, Fiona Gottwald (Consulting), Fabrizio Rutishauser, Bettina Beyeler, Pepe Kägi (DTP), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). External partners: Production: WirzFraefelPaal Productions: Producer: Stefan Fraefel & Nina Wirth, Director: Sebastian Alfie, DoP: Stehen Fallucchi, Music: Minus8, Recording Studio: Tonstudio Z. Jung von Matt/Play: Matthias Fasnacht (Managing Director), Valdita Shabanaj (Junior Producer). Konnex (Media): Monica Jäggi, Peter Döbeli, Judith Bischoff, Marco Berto.

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