Enter the virtual Crazy Factory of Blévita

Midor and the Responsive agency continue the success story of their last year's promotion with the latest virtual reality application and go one step further.


After the leisurely virtual turtle ride, they send consumers to the virtual Crazy Blévita Factory during their shopping center tour with a cooperative multiplayer game to get to know the crackers better.

Midor produces half a billion Blévita crackers every year. In order for consumers to learn about the diversity of the cracker specialties and their natural ingredients in a playful way, Midor is once again relying on virtual reality (VR) and thus on the VR agency Responsive, following the successful application for Coco Ice-land in 2017.

The mobile VR application is to be used again during a shopping center roadshow. This time, however, with a cooperative multiplayer game, which increases the fun factor.

There are no limits to the virtual worlds

The interactive VR application Coco ice-Land already focused on playful learning. Consumers rode comfortably on a turtle across the dream island and had to catch coconuts.

"It became clear to the participants that there is not only paradise in ice cream, but also coconut milk. With the popular Blévita snack, the participants will also learn about the ingredients in a playful way. But this time in pairs and with more action. Accordingly, we have redesigned the game concept and the virtual world to match the game and the brand. That's also just what's great about VR: anything is possible. We can completely adapt the interactive world to the brand or product," says Patrik Marty, Managing Partner of Responsive, in a statement.


When moles disrupt teamwork

Two players at a time are allowed to lend a hand in the garden landscape in which the virtual Crazy Factory is embedded and are responsible for the production of various Blévita varieties. Together they have to select and combine the right ingredients under time pressure according to the instructions. Both see each other as avatars in the process.

To increase the fun factor, Responsive has animated some cheeky moles that distract the two workers.

The control of the game is completely intuitive and suitable for young and old. With the 360° panoramic view and the matching sound world, the immersive experience is perfect and remains in the memory for a long time.

Integration of virtual reality into the booth concept

The playing field is part of the "Blévita Garden", - an attractive stand concept by Pibiri & Reich and realized by made Marketing - which attracts attention from afar. On a large screen, the spectators can see from outside how the two players are doing and can follow along with the creation of the Blévitas.

With this innovative application, the promotion team does not need any great powers of persuasion to find curious participants. After a short introduction and instruction, the supervisors can also start up and operate the VR stations on their own.

The dates of the roadshow find Gwundrige for a virtual trip to the "Blévita garden" to the Crazy Factory on:

Responsible at Midor: Riccardo Dillier (Group Brand Manager). Responsible Trade Marketing Intelligence: Michèle Leibacher (Consulting Group Leader), Marcial Constant (Project Leader Subject and Special Projects), Sarah Ritter (Junior Consultant). Responsible at Responsive: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners). Responsible Pibiri & Reich: Luca Pibiri and Moritz Reich. Responsible Made Marketing: Cristian Conde, Curdin Decasper.

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