Leo Burnett Switzerland and Emmentaler turn cheese into gold

No cheese: Anyone who buys Emmentaler AOP Surchoix at Migros now can win their piece of cheese as a copy made of gold worth 20,000 Swiss francs.


There have been gold prizes before. But never before in the form currently offered by Emmentaler Switzerland: because anyone who catches the right piece of Emmentaler AOP Surchoix in Migros will have it replenished with real gold.

In addition to the promotional idea, Leo Burnett Switzerland also developed the campaign. In it, wrestling king Matthias Sempach once again becomes a brand ambassador in a humorous way. In short social media clips, for example, he explores the question of what a piece of golden cheese actually smells and tastes like. And he still shines even when his text is not one hundred percent accurate.

The main spot of the campaign also plays with the transformation of gold and cheese, but in the opposite way: A lady is suddenly given a necklace made of cheese by her goldsmith - followed by Mättu's well-meaning advice to turn cheese into gold.

The campaign can be seen nationwide online, in various Migros media and on every piece of Emmentaler AOP Surchoix in Migros.

Responsible at Emmentaler Switzerland: Stefan Gasser (Director), Luana Monopoli (Project Manager Marketing & Communication). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Axel Eckstein (ECD), Christian Bircher (CD), Bastian Otter (Text), Dominik Zekar (Graphics), Dominik Mätzener, Melanie Möckli (Consulting), Mel Afflerbach (Agency Producer); Film Production: Sabotage Films (Production), Holger Jaquet (Director). Photography: Cyrill Matter.

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