Agency at the airport produces its own Youtube format for Schmobi

In the YouTube format "Three for Pitsch", Schmobi CEO Peter Breitenmoser is asked three questions each. The agency at the airport is responsible for the idea and production.


Schmolz + Bickenbach Stahlcenter - Schmobi for short - is one of the leading steel trading companies in Switzerland. It employs around 100 people at its site in Wil SG. In order to break new ground for the SME and entertain B2B customers and interested parties in the social media channels not only with simple posts, but also with insider news from Schmobi, the agency at the airport came up with something: It created and produces its own monthly YouTube format called "Drei für Pitsch" (Three for Pitsch) in which CEO Peter Breitenmoser answers three questions - not always very serious ones - on current topics. So far, a few first episodes of "Drei für Pitsch" have been filmed and published. More are already being planned.

Responsible at Schmolz + Bickenbach Stahlcenter: Peter Breitenmoser (Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors), Thomas Plüss (Head of Marketing/Communications). Responsible at Agentur am Flughafen, Altenrhein: René Eugstair (Creative Director/Interviewer), Katharina Eugster (Interactive Media Design/Production), Julia Lüchinger (Coordination/Organization).

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