KSP for Volkswagen: Celebrate all year round

KSP promotes Volkswagen's big anniversary countdowns in Switzerland.


It's a big year: Volkswagen Switzerland is celebrating its anniversary and inviting the whole country to join in the celebrations. Because Volkswagen has also been building cars for Switzerland for 70 years. That's why there are 70 Volkswagens with unbeatable anniversary benefits every month in 2018. But only the fastest will benefit. At Celebrate with.ch the countdown to the anniversary model of the month runs throughout the year. And the celebrations continue. From soccer and concert tickets to a big folk festival: In addition to the anniversary offers, there are gifts, offers, and competitions throughout the year that put Switzerland in a festive mood.

The big anniversary model countdowns and all other promotions are advertised multichannel online and in the traditional way. Among other things, with commercials that show with a wink that with the unbeatable anniversary customer benefits, you better be one of those who hurry.

Responsible at AMAG: Peter Schmid (Brand Director Volkswagen); Giselle Vaugne (Head of Marketing Volkswagen); Melanie Felder (Teamleader Marketing Communication Volkswagen). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Benny Goldstein, Sascha Borsai (Creative Director); Daniel Zehnder (Text); Michelle Mancina, Florian Kech (Graphics); Franziska Saxer (Consulting Management); Nina Stebler (Consulting); Noemi Rubera, Nadia Leisi (DTP); Craft367 (Litho). Markenfilm, Michael Gloor (producer); Jonathan Heyer (director); Simon Drescher (DOP); Daniel Krieg (overall responsibility).

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