A bit more precise

Sorry Google, sorry Facebook: In the launch campaign for Aymo Mobile Targeting, APG|SGA Interaction apologizes to the big players in the digital advertising market.


The headlines come with a wink, but not without justification: Because with aymo, mobile ads can be aligned "es bitzeli more precisely" to a user's location than with the solutions from Google and Facebook - namely to the meter instead of the kilometer. This typically Swiss precision is made possible by the polygon technology developed by the APG|SGA Interaction team. This uses GPS and accuracy data from leading Swiss apps to achieve an optimal match between location and target group.

The naming, brand identity and advertising for aymo were designed and implemented by Festland. The campaign can be seen in mobile ads, in digital and printed trade media, and at selected billboard locations. During the launch phase, agencies and clients benefit from a launch discount.


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