Courage means making

Allianz Suisse launches its first brand campaign with creation and media from a single source. Sir Mary is responsible for this.


With the realignment of the brand attitude and the claim "Courage means making", Sir Mary has created a positioning that focuses on the everyday courage of customers. Allianz Suisse wants to encourage its customers to turn their plans into reality.

The new attitude is being launched with an integrated brand campaign that highlights the various facets of the concept of courage along the customer journeys. From quiet situations of courage in everyday life to stages of life that require a particularly high level of courage.


With the claim "Courage means doing", we want to invite our current and potential customers to be courageous and ultimately get more out of life. For us, it's not about the big heroic courage, but the small moments of courage in everyday life," explains Thomas Wegmann, Head of Market Management and Member of the Executive Board of Allianz Suisse.

In the run-up to the campaign, a nationwide survey was conducted on the topic of courage. Almost 13,000 adults aged between 18 and 70 were asked about their understanding of courage, their bravest deeds and their wishes. The result is a diverse portrait of courage in Switzerland. The results of the survey were discussed in various leading Swiss media and radio programmes before the start of the campaign and attracted widespread media interest throughout the country.


Based on this, the target group can dive into the results of the survey in a playful way on the landing page and compare themselves with Switzerland. The data pool also provides surprising content for online advertising materials and is regularly processed into relevant social content throughout the year.


The measures are far more than a one-off campaign. The new strategy takes into account the current realities of life of the target groups and the associated more individual customer journeys. A tailor-made mantle of messages was designed, which covers the entire customer journey. In the first contacts, the brand attitude dominates. The deeper in the journey, the more the products of Allianz Suisse take center stage. This ensures that the target group comes into contact with the appropriate message at every touchpoint.

An example of such an implementation are digital spots dedicated to an insurance topic. After initial contact with the brand, they draw attention to topics such as pension provision, housing or vehicles.

Sir Mary is responsible for strategy, creation and the entire media planning and distribution, which made such a close integration of all disciplines possible in the first place.

The integrated campaign will be on air from February on high-reach channels and includes TV and online spots, OOH, DOOH, megaposters, digital display, cinema, PR, social media and internal communication.


Responsible at Allianz Suisse: Thomas Wegmann, Head of Market Management; Thomas Jost, Head of Brand Management & Sponsoring; Jolanda Heimann, Integrated Campaign Manager; Claudia Staub, Head of Digital Experience & Ecosystem; Simone Schmitt, Digital Specialist; Corina Brunner, Social Media; Ladina Koch, Content. In charge at Sir Mary's: Florian Beck, Daniel Zuberbühler, Maurizio Rugghia, Nicolas Hostettler, Pascal Baumann, Caroline Ellert, Lukas Mettler, Carla Müller, Tobias Röben, Constantin Camesasca, Iva Bozovic, Luca Zurfluh, Vanessa Habisreutinger, Fabian Habisreutinger, Sofia Kaitala, Nadine Pachoud, Jonathan Ruh, Film and photo production: Doity - Sascha Pollack, Kathi Kümmel, Felix Urbauer (Director), Armin Franzen (DoP), Krutsch (Music). Photography: Mat Neidhardt, Antje Merkel, Landing page: Y7K. Swiss Courage Study: Sotomo.

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