Lovely's new green field

Swissmilk presents the new campaign for Swiss milk and dairy products on the topic of the added value of Swiss origin: sustainability and animal welfare. Jung von Matt/Limmat is responsible for the concept and implementation.


The new image campaign, which includes TV spots, OOH posters, a microsite and a variety of digital implementations, provides "really strong" reasons to look for Swiss origin in milk and dairy products.

Evolution instead of revolution: with this strategy, Swissmilk is launching a new campaign under the familiar but reinterpreted claim "echt stark". Lovely - the equally well-known and popular advertising cow - is and remains the face of Swissmilk. But she now appears more natural and therefore more authentic. Instead of being an extreme athlete, she can now do what she does best: be a Swiss cow. She is supposed to show Swiss consumers how Swiss milk differs from foreign milk and why they should pay attention to Swiss origin.

For this, Jung von Matt/Limmat has created a new visual bracket. Lovely has a "stage" again, instead of being on plain white, it is now back where a contented cow actually belongs - on green Swiss pastures with the best grass fodder. This visual bracket is always set up in the same way for the different advertising media and provides the appropriate space to tell stories.

This means that the facts to be communicated on the subject of the added value of Swiss origin, such as animal welfare and sustainability, can be packaged in an interesting way in any format. This is particularly true for the digital version of the new brand stage. On the microsite, visitors can experience Lovely's everyday life on her lush Swiss meadow for themselves - but only if they find her in her large pasture.

Responsible at Swissmilk: Stefan Arnold (Head of Marketing); Martin Rüst (Head of Advertising & Key Account); Daniela Schmutz (Project Manager Advertising Milk); Michael Richner - AMS Media (Media Planning). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Lorenz Clormann (CD Art); Samuel Wicki (CD Text); Hanja Heuss (CD Digital); Lukas Amgwerd (Text/Concept); Ennio Cadau (Digital Text); Ben Staudenmann (Art/Concept); Manuela Tappe (Digital Art); Cansu Sezer (Digital Art); Cyrill Lehmann (Programming); Hendrik Wernze (Programming); Christian Koop (Technology Direction); Marco Dettling (BGL); Monika Arnold (Consulting); Fernando Gort (Digital Consulting); Romana Weber (Strategy); Daniela Chiani (Social Media Strategy); Pepe Kägi (Print Production); Amina Elmallawany (DTP); Fabrizio Rutishauser (Image Editing); Dennis Lück (ECD); Thomas Steiner (CSD); Jung von Matt/impact (Digital Media Strategy). External partners: Natalija Fallocca-Bajric (production management); Frank Estermann - Goodmeat (producer); Thomas Winiger - Südlicht (editing and post-production); Dragos Coman - Carioca (direction and photography).

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