Love Life: Ambiguous tutorials promote the safe sex check

Three new films from the FOPH's Love Life campaign promote the Safer Sex Check. The spots, created by Rod, guide the user to the new online tool, which provides individual and up-to-date tips for safer sex.


Since the end of 2017, two instead of three safer sex rules apply in Switzerland: "Always use a condom for vaginal and anal sex. And because everyone loves it differently: do your personal safer sex check now on". Starting today, the "Sucking", "Drilling" and "Sausage-making" spots created by Rod in collaboration with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will guide you to the check, which provides individual and helpful recommendations for safer sex after just a few clicks. Based on information such as age, sexual orientation or preferred practices, the Safer Sex Check thus provides personally tailored and understandable recommendations for safe sex.

The videos will be distributed through selected TV ads and large digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. The campaign therefore avoids explicit sex scenes and communicates the message of protection through ambiguous and ironic tutorials. You learn how to sausage yourself, how to drill holes in metal and the simplest way to drain an aquarium. Finely selected actors as well as an unmistakable off make for open ears and warm thoughts in the viewer. At the end follows the appropriate message: "No matter what you think of, think of your health too".

Responsible at the FOPH: Adrian Kammer, Norina Schwendener. Conception, creation and realisation: Rod Communication. Producer: Shining Pictures, Sophie Toth. Director: David Constantin. DoP: Rafael Kistler. Casting: Aurora Jouffroy- Brandtner. Edit: Marko Strihic. Sound: JingleJungle. Media Planning: Mediaschneider.

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