Which Big Mac do you need? TBWA\Zurich launches new campaign for McDonald's

That's what McDonald's is asking Switzerland. And with Big Macs in three sizes, it has the right answer for everyone. The campaign was created by TBWA\Zurich.


The Big Mac family is growing. With the Mac Jr. and the Grand Big Mac, there are now real alternatives to the legendary Big Mac. For small, medium and giant appetites. But the three Big Macs are even more, they are the perfect answer for everything that life throws at you. From minor mishaps to major heartache, everything leads to the campaign motto: "Which Big Mac do you need?"

In keeping with Valentine's Day, McDonald's is telling a love story in a rather unusual way: with two interwoven TV commercials that tell the story of a young woman and a young man who have just been dumped.

The films are flanked by posters, digital measures and live activities, which are constantly recharging the motto "Which Big Mac do you need?" with new stories.

Responsible at McDonald's Switzerland: Urs May (Marketing Director), Aglaë Strachwitz (Food & Experience Marketing Manager), Severine Caspard (Senior Marketing Consultant), Marius Truttmann (Consumer & Business Insights Manager), Christel Stadelmann (Social Media Consultant), Anne-Cécile Combe (Digital Consultant). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Bruce Roberts, Tizian Walti, Angelo Sciullo, Gaston Filippo, Silke Erschbaumer, Davy Renaud (creation), Danijel Sljivo, Esther Ortega (consulting), Agnes Meier (production), Toni Rubera, Martin Baumann (DTP). Responsible at Pumpkin: Christopher Novak, Vera Matta (Producers), Viviane Andereggen (Director). Other partners: S+K Photography, Tim Landsberg Foodstyling, OMD Stefan Beiz, Attila Kovács (Media), Farner: Nina Krucker, Lea Schindler (PR), Webrepublic (SEA).

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