Spina's Civil Voices has its nose in the wind for SZBlind

The third spot for the Swiss National Association for the Blind SZB also has the motto "We blind people like to help when we can". Once again, a blind person is featured in a surprising way, who has a different, very special ability due to his disability.


Blind people compensate for their inability to see with other senses. For example, they hear more attentively or have a very pronounced sense of smell. Our protagonist shows a young couple in a fancy restaurant just how helpful a good nose can be. The new TV commercial is now available on all major TV channels.

Responsible at the SZB: Norbert Schmuck (Head of Public Relations/ Fundraising), Nina Hug (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Andrea Duttweiler (concept/text), Andrea Reinhard (concept/AD), Martina Honegger (consulting). Responsible at Rosas & Co Films: Nadia Rosasco (producer), Yanik Müller (production management). Reggie Pak (director), Jingle Jungle (sound design), Thomas Goebel (music), Südlich-t (post-production).

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