Jumbo Emmen boldly advertises with guerrilla posters in front of Mall of Switzerland

The opening of the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon has made waves in central Switzerland. Jumbo and Alpha 245 are surfing these with guerrilla posters.


The customers of the competitor Do it + Garden are directly addressed on one motif. Jumbo promises free parking in addition to the same product range. The second ad establishes Jumbo as the Swiss DIY market par excellence: The Baumarkt of Switzerland. The posters are set up on mobile billboards directly in front of the giant mall's front door. As long as no one complains.

Responsible at Jumbo-Markt Switzerland: Jérôme Gilg (CEO), Fabian Rauber (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Alpha 245: Patrick Senn, Mario Moosbrugger (CD), Fabian Seiler (art direction), Daniel Belser (realization) Sylvia Kohler, Katrin Streb (consulting), Walter Tagliaferri (overall responsibility).

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