Process implements a bright idea for the EKZ

EKZ communicates winning the Watt d'Or innovation award with its core business of light - but only as much as necessary.


Since the fall of 2015, the electricity works of the Canton of Zurich have been the first in Europe to test a new form of intelligent street lighting in Urdorf. The traffic-monitoring light adapts the illuminance to the volume of traffic. This can save 30 percent energy without compromising safety. For this innovation, EKZ received the Watt d'Or from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in the energy technologies category.

To communicate the award it won, Process developed a campaign under the slogan "We only light up what's necessary". Specially printed, phosphorescent posters are charged with light during the day and the main message only becomes visible after dark. The posters hang on train platforms in the canton of Zurich at selected locations with little artificial light.

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