Stämpfli ensures new "flow" at Energie Wasser Bern

Stämpfli Kommunikation has launched the new image campaign "vou im flow" for Energie Wasser Bern. The integral concept combines current social trends with EWB's consistency.


The energy flows, you let yourself drift, move forward and experience unforgettable moments. Energie Wasser Bern (EWB) lives this feeling and ensures that Bern's energies remain in flow 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. "vou in the flow"!

As a regional energy supplier, EWB is a reliable partner for comprehensive energy services. But EWB can also be relied on when it comes to long-term commitments in and around Berne: In addition to its core competence in energy production and supply, EWB supports institutions with regional roots. One example is SC Bern, whose home game against the ZSC marked the launch of the new "vou im flow" image campaign.

EWB engaged the internationally renowned Swiss band "drums2streets" for the break in play on 12 January 2018. With pulsating rhythms, the drummers moved the ice hockey fans - in line with the image campaign - "vou i flow". The production highlighted the campaign name and the specially built page To arouse curiosity, the initiator himself remained in the background for the time being.

Anyone who then visits the campaign website is taken to a subpage of the corporate website, where they will find the first of three image spots. In keeping with the season and the environment, the focus here is on activities for SC Bern and the Bundesplatz ice rink. Further engagements - including for the Museum Night, the Bierhübeli and the Waldbühne Contest at the Gurten Festival - will follow in two more film productions. The message remains the same: EWB's heart beats for Bern.

"We want to make the people of Bern aware of our wide-ranging commitment. Energie Wasser Bern is jointly responsible for electrifying and emotional moments by supporting Bernese institutions in the areas of sport, culture and society," says Raphael Bühler, Head of Marketing Communications at Energie Wasser Bern, about the new image campaign.

The campaign name also exudes Bernese charm: a combination of dialect and English language is used to create proximity to the population. On the one hand, the play on words embodies the social vernacular and, on the other, refers to the company's core services: thanks to ewb, electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and mobility in Berne flow 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition to the spots, topic-specific stories are communicated. What moves the people of Bern? A social wall on the website provides answers. Anyone who experiences their "vou in flow" moment in Bern can share it with the community. "We want to show Bernese people in a positive mood, in active motion and full of energy. This is what the campaign slogan "vou im flow" stands for," says Dominic Eichenberger, agency manager at Stämpfli Kommunikation.

Responsible at Energie Wasser Bern: Raphael Bühler (Head of Marketing Communications), Cornelia Berger (Project Management Marketing Communications). Consulting, concept, creation: Stämpfli Communication, Berne. Film: Jürg Kallen/DefKallen, Bern. Storyshaker: Dario Hitz, Newsroom Communication. Music/Jingle: Drums2streets, Kreuzlingen.

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