KSP launches endurance test for ZSC Lions fans on behalf of EWZ Sponsoring

EWZ and KSP make it possible: The ZSC Lions challenge their fans. And they are doing so for an endurance test. There are attractive prizes to be won. For example, tickets for the VIP StarLounge or fan merchandise.


If you want to win, you have to pass the toughest field hockey test. From grandma, from the boss, from first graders or whoever. Creativity is in demand. ZSC Lion Reto Schäppi shows how it's done in the teaser film.

The first endurance test will start on Facebook on January 12. A second teaser with subsequent competition will run from January 19 with ZSC professional Severin Blindenbacher. In addition to fan insignia, an old Töffli-Bueb will make an appearance.

Responsible at EWZ: Nicole Schirner (Head of Marketing and Communications); Alain Gantner (Digital Experience Specialist); Elfi Hollenstein (Digital Experience Specialist). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Benny Goldstein, Sascha Borsai (creative direction); Patrick Bucher (text); Florian Kech (graphics); Noemi Rubera (DTP); Fery Elghol (consulting management); Jonathan Heyer (direction); Pixelpolish (grading); Red Department (post production); ALL IN Production (production).

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