Didier Cuche fools Zermatt ski instructors for Ovomaltine and Swiss ski schools

In order to thank the ski instructors for their commitment to promoting young talent, the Les Jaquet agency, on behalf of Ovomaltine and the Swiss ski schools, came up with a special campaign together with Didier Cuche.


Bushy eyebrows, shaggy beard, dark grey mottled wig - and the transformation is perfect. Thus prepared, Didier Cuche sets off for ski lessons and fools everyone with a brilliantly staged beginner's run: unsteady stem bends, extreme backwardness and demeanor do not suggest a former ski crack.

The ski instructors are all the more astonished when the beginner suddenly sets off on a sovereign final run and makes himself known at the finish line.

The action took place on the Ovo Track, a skill course for budding skiers that was set up especially for the spectacle on the Zermatt glacier and is now in use at over 130 ski schools. The project was launched in 2016 in collaboration with the Swiss ski schools and Ovomaltine.

With this campaign, Ovomaltine supports the Swiss ski schools in promoting young skiers and at the same time strengthens the brand with its wide range of products as the ideal snack and energy booster for all winter sports fans on and off the slopes.

The action was recorded by an undercover film team, which officially documented the Ovo track, and then launched as a viral film by Didier Cuche. In the meantime, Didier Cuche's post has around 300,000 views, has been shared 2,300 times and received 7,200 likes.

Responsible at Wander: Simon Schiess (Brand Manager Ovomaltine); Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager Snack + Beverages ). Responsible agency (consulting, conception and production): Les Jaquet, Bern, Alexandre and Gabriela Jaquet.

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