Walder,advertiser tells stories about people with mental disabilities for Noveos

Borderline, depression, schizophrenia: In image films, six women and men tell how they live with their mental impairment - and how they can regain their footing in everyday life thanks to the professional support of Noveos.


Walder,Werber produced the film series on behalf of Noveos, the leading provider of social psychiatric services in the canton of Zurich. All the actors and actresses actually work or live at Noveos and tell their own personal stories. In this way, Noveos wants to actively promote the destigmatization of mental impairments and break taboo subjects, according to a press release. In addition to the six films with the personal stories, the institution's services are also explained in an overall film using animations.

Since 1972, Noveos has enabled people with mental disabilities to live, work and reside in a way that meets their needs. This includes counseling in relation to work and assisted living. In the region of Zurich Oberland and the right bank of Lake Zurich, Noveos runs several enterprises, from the Brockenhaus with two branches to the modern carpenter's workshop with 1000m2 of machinery.

Responsible at Noveos: Stefan Paris (Management Board), Brigitte Künzle (Center Manager Products & Services), Thomas Probala (Center Manager Living). Responsible at Walder,Werber: Sandro Walder (overall direction), Anna Kindlimann (creative direction), Stefan Moeschlin (concept/text/direction), Flurina Decasper (text/consulting), Michi Döös (post production). Camera: Matthias Löffel (Camotion Films). Recording studio: Renzo D'Alberto (Sound Studios Z).

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