Jim & Jim implements content and influencer campaign for Fanta relaunch

In 2017, everything is new at Fanta: logo, bottle, recipe, and communication. To support the global marketing strategy around the relaunch, Jim & Jim designed and implemented an extensive content campaign for Switzerland.


With a new logo, new bottle design and the introduction of a new recipe, Fanta gave itself a complete makeover in 2017 and developed a local marketing strategy to go with it. To promote the Fanta rebranding in this country and strengthen the brand's overall positioning among generations Y and Z, NextGen marketing agency Jim & Jim implemented a multi-faceted content and influencer campaign. The newly created #FantaSquad - a team of well-known influencers such as Nives Arrigoni, Gabirano, Naeman or McJaay - were at the center of all measures and spearheaded the content production. They not only created countless funny, emotional and visually appealing videos on Snapchat and Instagram, but were also actively involved in other online and offline marketing measures. For example, they designed their own Fanta posters or were the main actors in moving image posters.


Horror night #halloweenspecial w/ @mrstancu #fantasquad in zemearbeit with @fanta_ch

Oct 25 2017 at 11:47

Oversized water slide, teen hysteria, haunted house

To promote the Fanta mixer "Instamix" - and as one of the highlights of the campaign - Gabirano appeared at the McDonald's branch near Zurich's Stadelhofen train station in his original salesman's uniform. The teen heartthrob personally served hundreds of hysterical fans their lunch menu and was available for selfies.

As another spectacular activation, Jim & Jim built the Fanta SuperSlide at 1891 meters above sea level at Melchsee (Melchsee-Frutt) in the canton of Obwalden. At 20 meters high and 50 meters long, it is the largest inflatable water slide in Europe. A day party with the #FantaSquad and their fans was staged on film and spread across numerous social media channels.

Around the launch of the Fanta Halloween bottle design and the corresponding Snapchat Halloween lens and filter, Jim & Jim realized an experiential action at Zurich main station. Passers-by amused themselves with virtual reality glasses while a haunted house was built around them in seconds. The astonished reactions when the glasses were removed were captured on camera and played as an entertaining highlight video via social media.

The numerous creative measures were rounded off with a sampling campaign in which around 400,000 mini cans with the new recipe were distributed, as well as raffles, including specially created orange slice inflatables.

"Together with Jim & Jim, we simply changed everything at Fanta in 2017 and also broke new ground in terms of communication with the authentic "Carte Blanche" content of our FantaSquad and the spectacular video productions and experiential events. However, the enormous effort and the willingness to take risks have paid off and we have set new standards with the launch of the "best Fanta ever". Both brand popularity and our sales targets were exceeded by far and allow us to draw on all we have for 2018," says Stefan Rothenbühler, Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Switzerland, about the successful campaign.


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