Siroop on Christmas

They start like so many Christmas commercials, Rod's new spots for Siroop. But after the first few seconds, the cliché family party is over. It gets pink, funny, sticky. Siroop on everything - even at Christmas.


Thanks to over a million products, everyone can find the right Christmas gifts for their loved ones on Rod Kommunikation has implemented this message with a broad-based campaign beyond the classic Christmas subjects. As in the image campaign, the pink liquid is at the center of the action in the Christmas campaign. In the TV spots, festively dressed family members and friends sit in a living room decorated for Christmas. Everything is ready for the most important celebration of the year. The scenes are accompanied by Christmas Moog modular music. No sooner has the viewer made himself comfortable in the idyllic Christmas advertising world than he has to leave it again. Because when the packages are opened, a surprise of the sticky kind awaits the recipients.

Martin Arnold, Head of Creation at Rod, on the campaign: "At Christmas, many brands advertise with similar and interchangeable messages. A pity. After all, it's the time of surprises. In its Christmas campaign, Siroop communicates a relevant message in a surprising way. And in such a way that everyone knows which brand it is." Lilian Prachoinig, Head of Offline Marketing at Siroop, also expresses similar views on the further development of the not entirely uncontroversial image campaign: "Our goal is to create attention for Siroop and to stand out from the mass of Christmas campaigns. We want to stand out and have deliberately chosen a concept that sticks. The first few weeks show that our campaign is having a positive impact and not leaving consumers cold - we're pleased about that."


The campaign is supported by two TV/online spots. 9 bumper ads, 58 social media ads, posters and advertisements round off the Christmas campaign in a target-group and product-oriented way. (nod)

Responsible at Siroop: Eric Markowski (Creative Director), Lilian Prachoinig (Head of Offline Marketing), Toma Perret (Head of Branding), Anita Gfeller (Offline Marketing Manager), Thérèse de Meuron (Online Marketing Manager), Chris Hauth (CMO/Co-Founder). Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Responsible at Pumpkin Film: Christopher Novak (Producer), Vera Matta (Junior

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