SWICA employee Lipdub: Whether Winti or Basel, öb Sangallä or Bärn

1 song, 9 locations, 382 participants. SWICA launched its employee lipdub "Up in the Sky" to mark its 25th anniversary. The film celebrated its premiere at the employee event and was then used on Facebook, where it soon attracted over 50,000 views.


SWICA wanted to implement a joint project with all its employees as part of its anniversary celebrations. With Lipdup, it was possible to involve all regions throughout Switzerland and to work on something together. Reto Dahinden (CEO) accompanied the film crew and took the opportunity to exchange ideas with employees. He himself also took part in the Lipdup.

The employees had a lot of fun during the shooting. The charismatic choreographer from Tuscany instructed the participants skilfully and with a lot of discipline and tickled out the dancing bear even from the biggest movement slacker. There was a lot of laughter! The project was an unforgettable experience for all participants and thanks to the close cooperation between client, agency and production a successful action.

Responsible at SWICA: Sandra Gut (Assistant to the CEO). Responsible at Sooli Film: Ueli Stöckli (creation, direction), Giulia Consoli (choreography), Bastian Meier (DOP). Responsible at Dynamic Frame: Luzius Fischer (Producer).

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