Comella: Switzerland's first multiplayer virtual reality game very successful

Station sampling with a difference: Comella and the Responsive let passers-by immerse themselves in a virtual fantasy chocolate world with a cooperative game before they received their well-deserved Comella. With its detailed 360-degree world, Switzerland's first public multiplayer game offered a high-level virtual reality experience.


With a sampling at the two most frequented train stations in Switzerland, you generally reach a lot of people. However, the promotion of the Swiss chocolate drink Comella, which was conceived and realized by the Responsive agency, showed how to attract everyone's attention and be most memorable.

Complete immersion in the virtual chocolate world

With the help of an action-packed game in virtual reality (VR), passers-by have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the 360-degree fantasy world of Comella. During the approximately two-minute game with corresponding sound effects via the headphones, the station hustle and bustle completely fades out for the participants and they only see and hear what is happening in high-end virtual reality. No other medium can do that.

Multiplayer mode for double the fun

The game is easy to understand, so that participants do not need to have any special previous knowledge. Since joint success provides double the incentive, two players play at a time. Their task is to catch as many Comella chocolate blocks as possible. The players see themselves as a funny Comella bottle or tetra-pak and hold a large wooden tray in their hands, which exists both in real life and in the virtual world. The trick is to move together so that the blocks falling from above are stacked neatly. If they reach a predefined minimum score, the players also receive a Comella Gym Bag as a reward.


"With a lot of virtual reality apps, you play alone or against each other. Comella wanted something cooperative. With this involving gameplay and the glitzy fantasy world to match the product, participants are emotionally picked up. Since high-end virtual reality is still something totally new for many people, the shared experience is additionally remembered for a long time due to the wow effect," says Patrik Marty, Managing Partner of Responsive about the first publicly free multi-player game in Switzerland.


Small (real) space - big effect

The promotion also impressively shows how VR can be used to generate attention in a small space - in this case 4 x 4 meters. The moving players with the oversized tablet definitely become an eye-catcher at the station. Via the screen, viewers can also see what is happening in VR.

The promotion took place at Zurich HB on September 5 and at Bern train station on September 13, both from 9 am to 7 pm. At the request of the client, the Responsive team took over the management of the sampling stand as part of a full-service contract. The promotion was very successful with around 400 users per day.

Responsible Emmi Switzerland: Jolanda Vögeli (Group Brand Manager Drinks), Muri Mirjam (Brand Manager). Responsible Responsive (concept, realization and on-site support): Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners). Responsible USP (appearance on site, sampling): Nicole Kälin (Project Manager), Claudio Muzzu (Junior Project Manager).

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