Contexta and SBB send the piggy banks on a roller coaster

SBB and its public transport partners are promoting the highly competitive leisure market with Contexta's Savings Day Card campaign.


Travel all over Switzerland for a day with the new Spartageskarte from just 29 francs? Such an offer deserves to be heard. And it does, with the highly eye-catching cross-media campaign from Bern-based agency Contexta for the broad target group of Swiss thrifty people. When piggy banks race through Switzerland on a roller coaster, it's a passerby eye-catcher and social media scroll-stopper. Contexta developed a TV spot, poster/print subjects, a direct mailing, display banners and moving images for pre-rolls and social media.

Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications), Jasmin Stadelmann (Communications Manager), Franziska Pasqua (Media). Responsible agency: Contexta. Production: Stories; directed by Michael Fueter. Sound/Music: Spacetrain. Photo: Jonathan Heyer. Image processing: Rohner Retouche/Flaeck.

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