Rivella and Notch surprise hikers with special echo

For the finale of the hiking season, Rivella and Notch Interactive have launched a special promotion: the "Rivella Echo".


A red Älpler megaphone was set up for this purpose at a vantage point in the middle of the Swiss mountains. Passing hikers had the opportunity to try out the special "Rivella Echo". Anyone who shouted into the megaphone was then surprised by a drone that delivered a few bottles of Rivella for refreshment. The whole action was documented with a hidden camera and shared via social media.

Responsible at Rivella: Michael Nussbächer (Brand Manager), Lisa Schürmann (Junior Brand Manager), Nina Fankhauser (Project Manager Sports/Events). Responsible at Notch Interactive: Jeff Gerber, Sören Schröder, Markus Hammer (Creative Direction), Romina Lemmert (Account Management). Production: Birdviewpicture.


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