Halloween greeting for Pfister from content and form

Content and form surprises Pfister customers with a Halloween prank.


Strange scenes took place in the Pfister branch in Dübendorf a few days ago: The bed salesman disappeared into the closet, the decorations threw chocolate around, books fell off the shelf or began to flip by themselves, lamps clanked, a bed began to shake under the people trying it out - and the odd scream could be heard. Behind the spooky happenings was the prank master Valentin Altdorfer: Based on an idea from the agency Inhalt und Form, he staged a Halloween special, which was filmed and edited by Lorenz Bohler. Just in time for October 31, the clip was shared via social media - and presented the Swiss furniture store in a sympathetically entertaining way.

Responsible at Pfister: Paul Holaschke (Marketing Manager); Fabienne Suter (Advertising Manager). Responsible for content and form: Karin Estermann, Dominik Stibal (idea and concept); Patricia Harzenmoser (creation), Yacine Azzouz (digital), Dominic Rossier (consulting). Production: Lorenz Bohler (director), Atila Ulcay (cinematographer), Juöian Joseph (sound).

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