Enter the Space

Friendly Greetings launches an interactive scavenger hunt to celebrate the opening of UBS' new "Concept Space+."


Concept Space+ in Winterthur is UBS's innovation project. The co-working space with pop-up character offers space for thinking and working as well as inspiring talks and events for students. For the opening, Freundliche Grüsse designed an interactive scavenger hunt under the motto "Enter the Space", which led visitors through various stations to the Concept Space+.

Posters and flyers around Winterthur train station announced the opening of the still-secret location. The first clue led to the nearby UBS branch, where e-screens revealed the continuing solution word. After entering the correct solution word, the address of Concept Space+ was displayed on a mobile landing page. The fastest participants received instant prizes on the spot and the chance to win the main prize worth 1000 Swiss francs.

Kind regards also draws for the overall communication of the Concept Space+ which will remain at Merkurstrasse 25 in Winterthur until January 2018.

Responsible for marketing at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head of Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Martina Lang, Manuela Hauer (Project Manager Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Oliver Vedolin (Head of Content Marketing & Dialogue), Joël Frey (Content Marketing Manager), Sanja Rikanovic, Larissa Mörgeli (Digital Marketing Manager), Beat Obermayr (Head of POS and CD), Claudio Haas, Mathias Kunz, Marc Heyer (Marketing Manager POS and CD), Fathima Ifthikar, Andrea Zelic (Social Media Manager), Igor Moser, Lisa Kneubühler (Corporate Communications Manager), Andrea Vetsch (Head of Regional Marketing Zurich), Stefan Kauer (Regional Marketing Manager Zurich). Responsible for the design and operating model at UBS: André Silla, Patrick Tobler, Irina Schöpfer (Strategy & Business Development UBS Switzerland). Responsible for construction and implementation at UBS: Urs Wirth (Head of Construction & Implementation, Corporate Real Estate & Property Services), Peter Nett, Marcel Bischof (Security), Nicolas Beutler (Corporate Real Estate & Portfolio Management). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (Creative Direction), Alain Aebersold (Art Direction), Stefanie Schmid (Project Management), Grégoire Vuilleumier, David Elmiger (Text/Concept), Maude Mahrer (Graphics), Erwan Eydt (Programming), Mathias Lingenhel (Motion Design), Pixel Love (Film).

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