Goldbach combines DOOH and mobile advertising for Peugeot campaign

Goldbach Media combines digital-out-of-home and mobile advertising in a synchronized campaign for Peugeot. The goal: to generate attention for the facelift of the Peugeot 308.


A 10-second spot highlighting the new facelift was broadcast on DOOH screens throughout Switzerland over a period of four weeks. Using DOOH SynchScreen, a mobile ad was also played, leading users to a landing page with detailed information about the Peugeot 308. Using re-targeting, the people who were in the vicinity of the DOOH screens were also addressed again via mobile advertising media over a period of six hours.

"On the one hand, we wanted to attract widespread attention to the facelift, but on the other hand we also wanted to target drivers specifically. This works very well with the synchronized playout of the advertising media via DOOH and mobile. We can address people in situations where the product is also relevant - namely in the vicinity of gas stations," explains Tina Lixfeld, who is responsible for the campaign as Account Director at the agency PHD Switzerland.

If the mobile advertising medium achieved a click rate of 0.32 percent without the use of DOOH SynchScreen, the click rate was increased to 0.68 percent through the linked broadcast. The mobile ads that were played via re-targeting even achieved a click rate of 1.92 percent. They were clicked on over 3,800 times. "This shows that mobile and DOOH not only complement each other perfectly, but are able to reinforce each other," adds Tina Lixfeld. By way of comparison: in the radius around the screens, the advertising medium came to around 940 clicks; without the support of DOOH, only around 500.


"The results show us that our screens have an enormous impact on the perception of the advertising media. The linking through DOOH SynchScreen has achieved that many more people have taken a deeper look at the Peugeot 308," says a pleased Darius Barmettler, who supervised the implementation of the campaign as Key Account Manager at Goldbach Media.

Responsible at Peugeot (Suisse): Stéphanie Maussion (Head of Marketing Communication). Responsible at PHD Switzerland: Tina Lixfeld (Account Director), Rosanna Nardiello (Account Manager). Responsible at Goldbach Media (Switzerland): Darius Barmettler (Key Account Manager).

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