Havas Zurich shows the back for Riposa as sporty as never before

Havas Zurich has created a new image campaign for Riposa. The TV spot heralds a new era for the sleep system specialist.


For more than a decade, Havas Zurich has been looking after the Glarus-based family business Riposa. In a market that uses advertising primarily for price battles, the specialist for back mattresses has always focused on an aesthetic and sophisticated appearance. A tradition that is being continued: With a new image campaign, Havas Zurich is taking the brand promise "For a strong back" to a new level.

The human back is a high-performance apparatus and at the same time a finely tuned marvel of biological engineering. It is the basis for a new TV commercial that is as technical as it is aesthetic: With a view to the heroic world of sport, Havas stages everyday athletes. Their backs perform extraordinarily every day at work and in their leisure time - reason enough to relieve them at night with sleeping comfort from riposa. The spot thus sets new standards in an industry environment that usually only shows sleep instead of the actual product benefits. Director Marco Lutz, who has already been responsible for riposa spots in the past, was won over for the implementation.

The campaign will be supplemented with measures in the social media as well as at the POS.

Responsible at Riposa: Walter Schnellmann (Managing Director), Natascha Koch (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Havas Zurich: Frank Bodin (overall responsibility), Patrick Beeli (creative direction), Peter Schäfer (strategy), Mathias Bart (text), Willem Baumann (art direction), Diego Cortés, Pasang Schauwecker (consulting), Silja Rast, Anneline Cachat (social media). Production: Shining Pictures: Marco Lutz (Director), Sophie Toth (Producer), Ralph Bätschmann (DoP). Audio: Jingle Jungle.

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