Key visuals for BMW Garage: When the owner becomes the testimonial

Admire designed the new key visuals for Auto Marti. If you want to stand out from the competition as a BMW garage, you have to come up with something.


Beautiful design and creative ideas are of no use if they are not received by the customer. In a multi-stage process, therefore, the added values and uniqueness of the Auto Marti company were worked out. The visual language should not only catch the eye, but also shape the brand in the years to come. So what could be more obvious than to stage the company boss himself? After all, the Marti family has stood for the garage's success for five generations.

A BMW is a BMW. Dealers' showrooms are very similar. For this reason, Auto Marti has decided to create a recognition value. With Felix Marti as testimonial, the message is pointedly implemented in various environments such as workshop, sales area or tire hotel in the BMW Welt. Felix Marti appears as a racing driver, businessman and mechanic in one person - everything that has distinguished Felix Marti for years.


Responsible at Auto Marti: Felix Marti (company owner), Nicole Platz (marketing management). Responsible at Admire: Oliver Hofer (project management, idea), Aileen Fillies (layout), Patrick Salonen (image editing), Croci & Du Fresne (photos).

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